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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Legacy LC_163084 Zika virus IgM Ab capture (MAC)
Alternate IDs: ZIKA MAC
Synonyms: Zika Virus Antibody, IgM
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_010180 Zinc Protoporphyrin
Alternate IDs: ZPP
Synonyms: Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP)
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_070029 Zinc Red Blood Cells
Alternate IDs: ZIN RBC
Synonyms: Zinc, RBC
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_503995 Zinc Transporter 8 Ab
Alternate IDs: ZNT8 AB
Synonyms: ZNT8 Antibodies
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy ZIN Zinc, Serum Or Plasma
Alternate IDs: ZIN
Synonyms: ZIN
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy U M ZOLP Zolpidem Presumptive Screen, Urine
Alert: Test is available STAT. Results within 4 hours
Alternate IDs: U M ZOLP
Synonyms: U M ZOLP;Zolpidem;Zolpidem screen;Ambien
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy LC_007915 Zonisamide Quantitative Level
Alternate IDs: ZONI
Synonyms: Zonisamide(Zonegran), Serum
Place of Service: Labcorp
LABCORP 790660 Zaleplon, Serum or Plasma
Synonym: Sonata(R); Starnoc(R)
LABCORP 790710 Zaleplon, Urine 80368 
LABCORP 489435 ZAP-70 Panel (ASR) 88187  88184  more
LABCORP 010170 Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP)
Synonym: ZPP
LABCORP 070111 Zinc Random Urine 84630  82570 
LABCORP 003434 Zinc, Urine
Synonym: Zn U
84630  82570 
LABCORP 070032 Zinc, Whole Blood
Synonym: Zn WB
LABCORP 790384 Ziprasidone, Serum or Plasma
Synonym: Geodon(R)
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