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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Legacy LC_164830 IBD Differentiation
Alternate IDs: IBD DIFF
Synonyms: Inflammatory Bowel Disease-IBD
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_160531 IGG Subclass 4
Alternate IDs: IGG SUB4
Synonyms: IgG, Subclass 4
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_334012 IgG Subclasses 1-2-3-4
Alternate IDs: IGG SUB
Synonyms: IgG Subclasses
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy IMIP Imipramine, Quantitative, Serum Or Plasma
Alert: Test is available STAT. Results within 4 hours
Alternate IDs: IMIP
Synonyms: Tofranil;IMIP
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy IPF Immature Platelet Fraction
Alternate IDs: IPF
Synonyms: IPF, Immature Platelet Fraction, Reticulated Platelet Count
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy F IMM 1 Immunodeficiency Panel I
Alternate IDs: F IMM 1
Synonyms: Lymphocyte subsets;T Cell Panel;Absolute CD3 CD4 CD8;Helper T-Cell;Cytotoxic T-Cell;Lymphocyte Quantitation;F IMM I;Immune Panel;Immune Panel I;Immune Panel 1
Place of Service: Legacy
86360,  86355 
Legacy F IMM 2 Immunodeficiency Panel II
Alternate IDs: F IMM 2
Synonyms: Lymphocyte Subsets;Total Lymphocyte Enumeration;T Cell B Cell NK Panel;Absolute CD3 CD4 CD8 CD19 CD16CD56;TBNK;Helper T-Cell;Cytotoxic T-Cell;B-Cell;Lymphocyte Quantitation;F IMM II;F IMM 2;Immune Panel 2;Immune Panel;Immune Panel II
Place of Service: Legacy
86355,  86357,  more
Legacy AP IF Immunofluorescence (IF)
Alternate IDs: AP IF
Synonyms: Histology;Immunofluorescence
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy IGA QNT Immunoglobulin A, Serum
Alternate IDs: IGA QNT
Synonyms: IGA;Total IGA
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy LC_002162 Immunoglobulin D Serum
Alternate IDs: IGD
Synonyms: Immunoglobulin D, Quant, Serum
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy IGG QNT Immunoglobulin G, Serum
Alternate IDs: IGG QNT
Synonyms: IGG
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy ALLIGE Immunoglobulin-E
Alternate IDs: IgE. Total Allige
Synonyms: Allergy;Allergen
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy IGM QNT Immunoglobulin-M
Alternate IDs: IGM QNT
Synonyms: IGM
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy IG GAM QNT Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM), Quantitative
Alternate IDs: IG GAM QNT
Synonyms: IGG;IGA;IGM;Immunoglobulins Panel
Place of Service: Legacy
IGG  82784;  more
Legacy AP IHC Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Alternate IDs: AP IHC
Synonyms: Histology immunochemistry
Place of Service: Legacy
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