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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Legacy LC_489501 JAK2 Exon 12, 13, 14 and 15 Mutation Analysis by NGS
Alternate IDs: JAK2 1215
Synonyms: NGS JAK2 Exons 12-15
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy JAK2 GENE JAK2 Gene
Alternate IDs: JAK2 GENE
Synonyms: JAK2 GENE;V617F mutation testing
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy LC_139380 JC Virus DNA, PCR, Urine
Alternate IDs: JCVPCR U
Synonyms: JC Virus DNA, PCR (Urine)
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy LC_139370 JC Virus DNA, PCR, Whole Blood
Alternate IDs: JCVPCR BLD
Synonyms: JC Virus DNA,PCR (Whole Blood)
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy JO 1 AB Jo1 Antibodies, IgG
Alternate IDs: JO 1 AB
Synonyms: JO-1 AB
Place of Service: Legacy
LABCORP 489514 JAK2 E12-15 + CALR + MPL NGS Panel 81219  81279  more
LABCORP 489615 JAK2 V617F + CALR + MPL NGS Panel 81219  81270  more
LABCORP 826359 Jalapeno Pepper, IgE
Synonym: Allergen Specific IgE Jalapeno Pepper
LABCORP 820115 JCV qPCR (Plasma) 87799 
LABCORP 820121 JCV qPCR (Serum) 87799 
LABCORP 006030 Jka/Jkb Red Blood Cell (RBC) Antigen Typing 86905 x2 
LABCORP 828292 Juniper Mix IgE
Synonym: Juniper Mix (Berry, Rocky, Oneseed) IgE


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