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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Legacy CYTO BRONCH WASH Washings Cytology
Alternate IDs: CYTO BRONCH
Synonyms: bronch wash cytology
Place of Service: Legacy
Legacy LC_138842 West Nile Virus Antibody Panel Serum
Alternate IDs: WNILE-SER
Synonyms: West Nile Virus Antibody,Serum
Place of Service: Labcorp
Legacy PARASITE ID WORM Worm Identification
Alternate IDs: PARASITE ID
Synonyms: Roundworm;Tapeworm;PARASITE ID
Place of Service: Legacy
LABCORP 602463 W001-IgE Ragweed, Short 86003 
LABCORP 602544 W002-IgE Ragweed, Western 86003 
LABCORP 602964 W003-IgE Ragweed, Giant 86003 
LABCORP 602965 W004-IgE Ragweed, False 86003 
LABCORP 602966 W005-IgE Wormwood 86003 
LABCORP 602531 W006-IgE Mugwort 86003 
LABCORP 602967 W007-IgE Oxeye Daisy 86003 
LABCORP 602968 W008-IgE Dandelion 86003 
LABCORP 602536 W009-IgE Plantain, English 86003 
LABCORP 602537 W010-IgE Lamb's Quarters 86003 
LABCORP 602515 W011-IgE Thistle, Russian 86003 
LABCORP 602969 W012-IgE Goldenrod 86003 
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