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Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
PMC LAB449 Urea Nitrogen, 24 hour Urine
Container: 24-hour urine (no additive). Also acceptable: Random urine - use test code 3190 Urine Urea Nitrogen Random.
Temperature: Refrigerated.
PMC LAB944 Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma hominis
PMC LAB9158 Uric Acid, Body Fluid
Temperature: 2-8°C
PMC LAB141 Uric Acid, Serum or Plasma
Container: One 4 mL plasma separator tube or serum separator tube.
Temperature: 2-8°C. Submit specimen in original tube.
PMC LAB2327 Uric Acid, Urine Random
Container: 24-hour urine. Also acceptable: Random urine, use test code 3275 - Urine Uric Acid Random.
Temperature: Refrigerated.
PMC LAB348 Urinalysis, Complete, progressive
Temperature: 10 mL aliquot from a well-mixed random collection at 2-8°C. (Min: 3 mL)
PMC LAB10282 Urinalysis, Complete, Reflex to Culture if indicated
Container: sterile container
Temperature: Sample must remain sterile in order to culture.
PMC LAB347 Urinalysis, No microscopic
Temperature: 2-8 degrees C.
PMC LAB239 Urine Culture
Container: Sterile, leak-proof container or boric acid transport tube
Temperature: Sterile, leak-proof container at 2-8°C or boric acid transport tube at 20-25°C.  Submit specimen according to Biological Substance, Category B, shipping guidelines.
PMC Lab743 Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio
PMC Lab439 Urine Protein Random
LABCORP 511200 UGT1A1 Irinotecan Toxicity
Container: Lavender-top (EDTA) tube, yellow-top (ACD) tube OR LabCorp buccal swab kit
Temperature: Maintain whole blood specimen at room temperature for 7 days or refrigerated for 1 month, frozen for 2 years. Maintain buccal swabs at room temperature for 6 months.
LABCORP 806050 Ulocladium chartartum IgE
Container: Gel-barrier tube
Temperature: Maintain specimen at room temperature
LABCORP 140005 UltraQual(TM) West Nile Virus RT-PCR Assay
Container: Frozen transport tube OR plasma preparation tube (PPT(TM))
Temperature: FREEZE
LABCORP 470115 Uniparental Disomy (UPD) Parent, DNA Analysis
Container: Lavender-Top (EDTA) Tube, Yellow-top (ACD) tube
Temperature: Room temperature. Maintain specimen at room temperature. Do not freeze.
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