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Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
PMC LAB9220 Rapid Plasma Reagin, Quant
PMC LAB295 Red Blood Cell Count
Container: One 4 mL lavender (EDTA) or pink (K2 EDTA).
Temperature: If testing will be delayed, transport refrigerated.
PMC LAB19 Renal Function Panel
Container: One 4 mL plasma separator tube (PST) preferred or serum separator tube.
Temperature: 2-8°C.
PMC LAB9937 Renin Activity, Plasma
PMC LAB12666 Reptilase Time
PMC LAB900 Respiratory (Sputum) Culture (Includes Gram Stain)
Temperature: Sputum in a sterile, leak-proof container or swabs in bacterial transport media at 2-8°C. Place each specimen in a separate, individually sealed bag.
PMC LAB296 Reticulocytes, Percent & Number
Container: Any lavender (EDTA) or pink (K2 EDTA) tube filled to a minimum of 0.5 mL.
Temperature: 2-8°C
PMC LAB138 Reverse T3, Serum
PMC LAB10528 RF Isotypes IgG, IgA, IgM EIA
PMC LAB10361 Rh Type Only
Container: One 10 mL lavender (EDTA), or pink (K2 EDTA).
Temperature: 10 mL whole blood at 2-8°C. (Min: 5 mL)
PMC LAB206 Rheumatoid Factor
Container: One plasma separator tube. Also acceptable: green (sodium or lithium heparin), lavender (EDTA) or pink (K2 EDTA).
Temperature: 2-8°C  Submit specimen in a Standard Transport Tube.
PMC LAB10833 RNA Qualitative
PMC LAB13581 RNA, Real Time PCR (Non-Graph)
PMC LAB496 Rubella Antibodies, IgG
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