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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Mission Health RPR Rapid Plasma Reagin
Container: 4 mL SST
86592  if  more
Mission Health RUA Rasburicase Uric Acid, Serum
Container: 4 mL PST or 4 mL SST (pre-chilled and transported on ice)
Mission Health RBC Red Blood Cells
Container: 3 mL Lavender EDTA Tube
Mission Health BRBC Red Blood Count, Body Fluid
Container: 1 mL body fluid submitted in 3 mL Lavender EDTA Tube
Mission Health CRBC Red Blood Count, CSF
Container: 3 mL CSF submitted in CSF Tube
Mission Health RFP Renal Function Panel
Container: 4 mL SST or 4 mL PST
Mission Health RENIN Renin Level
Container: 3 mL Lavender EDTA  Do not collect in refrigerated tubes.
Mission Health RESPC Respiratory Culture w/ Gram Stain 87070  87205 
Mission Health RP Respiratory Panel PCR 87633  87798  more
Mission Health RETIC Reticulocyte Count
Container: 3 mL Lavender EDTA Tube
Mission Health RT3LC Reverse T3, Serum LC
Place Of Service: LabCorp
Mission Health RHOGAM Rh Immune Globulin Study
Container: 6 mL Tall Lavender K2 EDTA Tube
See  Individual  more
Mission Health RF Rheumatoid Factor
Container: SST:  Allow specimen to clot for 30 minutes. Separate serum from cells within 2 hours of collection.
Mission Health 4114SP Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®)
Container: 3 mL Lavender EDTA Tube
80375  (Alt  more
Mission Health RNPLC RNP Antibodies LC
Place Of Service: LabCorp
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