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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Mission Health P2Y12 P2Y12 Inhibitor
Container: Contact lab for special collection packet.
Mission Health PNELTLC Pancreatic Elastase, Fecal LC
Place Of Service: LabCorp
Mission Health PAPSMEAR Pap Smear Screen
Container: 1 each ThinPrep (obtain collection container from Lab Pathology)
Mission Health PAPSMEARA Pap Smear, Anal
Container: 1 each ThinPrep (obtain collection container from Lab Pathology)
Mission Health PNEOE Paraneoplastic Evaluation, CSF
Container: 4.mL Spinal Fluid
Temperature: In-House Collection: Ambient Outpatient Collection: Refrgierate
Place Of Service: Mayo Medical Laboratories
86255 x9 
Mission Health PAVAL Paraneoplastic Evaluation, Serum
Container: 4 mL Blood SST
83519 x5  8352  more
Mission Health PARAP Parasite Panel 87328  87329 
Mission Health PTHIO Parathyroid Hormone, Intraoperative
Container: 3 mL Lavender EDTA Tube
Mission Health PTHW Parathyroid Hormone, Whole Molecule
Container: 4 mL SST or 4 mL Green Lithium Heparin
83970  82310 
Mission Health PRVLC Parvovirus B19, Human, IgG/IgM LC
Place Of Service: LabCorp
Mission Health PATHTISS Pathology Surgical Pathology Specimens
Container: Surgical Pathology Specimens 1) Collect tissue specimen. 2) Place tissue sample into a container of formalin. Tissue to formalin ratio should be 1:10. 3) Close lid completely to prevent specimen and fluid from leaking. 4) Label container with patient name, second identifier and specimen source. 5) Place container into biohazard bag and seal. 6) Complete requisition and place into specimen bag pouch.
Mission Health PBGELC PBG Deaminase, Erythrocytes LC
Place Of Service: LabCorp
Mission Health BPH pH, Body Fluid
Container: 1 mL of body fluid in STERILE container
Mission Health FPH pH, Fecal
Container: Collect 1 mL of FRESH stool (no preservatives).  Transport to the laboratory in a Sterile Specimen Container.
Mission Health UPH pH, Urine 81003 
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