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General Information
Lab Test Id Test Name CPT4 Code
ACL UKLFR Kappa/Lambda Light Chains, Free with Ratio, Urine
Container: One Urine
Stability: Ambient: Unacceptable / Refrigerated: 3 Weeks / Frozen: 6 Months
83521  x2,  more
ACL KAPLAM Kappa/Lamda Quantitative Free Light Chains with Ratio
Container: One gold gel 3.5 mL (also acceptable: one plain red 4.0 mL)
Stability: Ambient: 24 Hours / Refrigerated: 7 Days / Frozen: 14 Days
83521 x2 
PHC UKET Ketones, Urine Stability: Refrigerated: 24 hours 82009 
PHC KLBET Kleihauer-Betke (Fetaldex®), Blood Stability: Room temperature: 8 hours Refrigerated: 24 hours Frozen: Do Not Freeze 85460 
ACL KOHHSN KOH Hair, Skin, Nails Stability: Ambient: 7 Days 87220 
ACL KOHOV KOH Prep Oral, Vaginal, Esophageal Brushing Stability: Ambient: 3 Days 87210 
PHC KRAS Kras Mutation Analysis 81275  81403  more


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