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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
FHC 756661403 Labcorp Misc Test
FHC 2921611 Lactate Dehydrogenase
Container: Green-top (Lithium Heparin, gel-barrier) tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 2921615 Lactate Dehydrogenase Body Fluid
Container: Sterile body fluid container
Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 2921619 Lactic Acid
Container: Dark Green Lithium Heparin tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 18377210 Lamotrigine Level
FHC 18378265 LDH Isoenzymes
FHC 18379430 LDL, Measured
FHC 55519165 Lead Venous Child
FHC 18379434 Lead Urine Random
FHC 18765927 Lead Venous Adult
FHC 18377235 Legionella Antibody
FHC 2921626 Legionella Antigen Urine
FHC 18379438 Legionella Culture and DFA Smear
Container: Kit 8- TB Sputum/Legionella
Temperature: Specimens should be held at 2-8C and tissues should not be allowed to dry out. Transport with a cool pack.
FHC 18376697 Leptospira Antibody
FHC 44667166 Leukocyte+Lymphocyte Evaluation Panel
Container: Blood- EDTA Lavender Top Vacutainer (No Gel), Bone Marrow- EDTA Lavender or Lithium Heparin Green Top Vacutainer (No Gel), Tissue- Flow Media
Temperature: Maintain blood at room temperature. Maintain Bone marrow at room temperature. Keep tissue in flow media refrigerated.
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