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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
FHC 18379370 Id Reference
FHC 1346452257 IFE and PE Random Serum
FHC 1344671821 IFE and PE Random, Urine
FHC 18378702 IFE Serum
FHC 18597764 IFE, 24 Hour Urine
FHC 18379374 IFE, Urine, Random
FHC 18377166 IgA
FHC 18376669 IgE
FHC 18383881 IGF Binding Protein-3
FHC 677071341 IGF-1
FHC 18377174 IgG
FHC 18378706 IgG Subclasses
FHC 18377178 IgM
FHC 18383906 Imipramine Level
FHC 18378710 Immunoglobulins Quantitative
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