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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
FHC 2922024 Ear Culture
Container: Green capped culture Swab
Temperature: Room Temperature
FHC 18378161 Echinococcus Antibody
FHC 18379162 Echo Virus Antibody Panel
FHC 247967029 EGFR Mutation Temperature: Ambient preferred 81235 
FHC 1123949291 Ehrlichia Profile, DNA PCR
FHC 18378165 Ehrlichiosis Antibody
FHC 2921244 Electrolyte Panel
Container: Green-top (Lithium Heparin, gel-barrier) tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 18383379 Electrolyte Panel Urine Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 18377103 Endomysial Antibody IgA Screen
FHC 744464113 ENT Allergy Panel
FHC 18379174 Enterovirus By PCR On CSF
FHC 18376137 Environmental Culture
Container: Contact Microbiology department with collection and transport questions.
Temperature: Room Temperature
FHC 18383411 Eosinophil Smear Fecal
Container: Clean stool container
Temperature: Room Temperature
FHC 18383416 Eosinophil Smear Nasal
FHC 18376567 Epstein Barr Ab Early Antigen
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