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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
FHC 1017788127 C diff toxin/GDH
Container: Submit specimen in a sterile screw-cap container, or in Para-Pak® clean vial or in transport media (Cary Blair,C&S)
Temperature: For Sample Storage Temperature 2°C - 8°C: Acceptable length of storage is 72 hours. Ideal specimens are less than 24 hours old. For Sample Storage Temperature Frozen ≤ -10°C: Acceptable length of storage is for longer than 72 hours. Thaw at room temperature. Freezing and thawing multiple times may result in loss of specimen activity due to toxin degradation.
FHC 18376953 C-Peptide
FHC 18376489 C-Reactive Protein High Sensitivity
FHC 2921490 C-Reactive Protein Inflammation
Container: Green-top (Lithium Heparin, gel-barrier) tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
FHC 18378986 C1 Esterase Function
FHC 18378052 C1 Esterase Inhibitor
FHC 18378990 C1Q Complement Compo
FHC 18383082 C2 Complement
FHC 2921416 C3 Complement
FHC 2921418 C4 Complement
FHC 18765996 CA 125
FHC 18376965 CA 15-3
FHC 18376494 CA 19-9
FHC 18376961 CA 27 29
FHC 677071629 Cadmium Std Profile, Blood/Ur
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