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General Information
Phone: 517-371-9500 or 800-884-2522
Fax: 517 - 371 - 9510
All Tests showing LABCORP in the LAB column are available for order using the Miscellaneous Test code LAB4416 / 1295 / MISC
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Sparrow LAB299 WBC ONLY
Alternate IDs: 7840/WBC
Sparrow LAB5573 West Nile Virus Antibody, CSF
Alternate IDs: 13327/LCWNC
Synonyms: 138966;West Nile Virus, IgM and IgG; West Nile Virus, Serology; WNV Antibody
Sparrow LAB5572 West Nile Virus Antibody,Serum
Alternate IDs: 13326/LCWNS
Synonyms: 138842;West Nile Virus, IgG and IgM; West Nile Virus, Serology; WNV Antibody
Sparrow LAB5702 West Nile Virus, PCR
Alternate IDs: 11454/LCNGI
Synonyms: 140010
Sparrow LAB4455 Wet Prep
Alternate IDs: 1441/WP
Synonyms: Direct Wet; WET MOUNT
LABCORP 511480 Walker-Warburg Syndrome
Synonym: Jewish Heritage test; FUKUTIN
LABCORP 071423 Warfarin (Coumadin(R)), Serum
Synonym: Coumadin(R); Jantoven(R); Sodium Warfarin
LABCORP 832122 Warfarin, Serum/Plasma
Synonym: Coumadin(R)
LABCORP 824687 Weak RhD Analysis 86901 
LABCORP 881203 White Blood Cells Cystine 82131 
LABCORP 620023 Whole Exome Sequencing - DUO (Proband) 81415  81416 
LABCORP 630989 Whole Exome Sequencing - DUO (proband), Products ofConception (POC) 81416  81415 
LABCORP 620024 Whole Exome Sequencing - Proband Only 81415 
LABCORP 630999 Whole Exome Sequencing - Proband Only, Products ofConception (POC) 81415 
LABCORP 620022 Whole Exome Sequencing - TRIO (Proband) 81416 x2  81415 
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