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General Information
Phone: 517-371-9500 or 800-884-2522
Fax: 517 - 371 - 9510
All Tests showing LABCORP in the LAB column are available for order using the Miscellaneous Test code LAB4416 / 1295 / MISC
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
Sparrow LAB5647 Factor II Activity
Alternate IDs: 11399/LFA2A
Synonyms: 086231;Prothrombin
Sparrow LAB5762 Factor IX Activity
Alternate IDs: 11511/L1320
Synonyms: 086298;Antihemophilic Factor B
Sparrow LAB5711 Factor IX Inhibitor Panel
Alternate IDs: 11463/LCFIX
Synonyms: 500390;Bethesda titer
Sparrow LAB346 FACTOR V LEIDEN (Mutation)
Alternate IDs: 6784/FAC5L
Sparrow LAB5418 Factor VIII Activity
Alternate IDs: 11180/LC8FA
Synonyms: 086264;AHF; Antihemophilic Factor
Sparrow LAB5713 Factor VIII Bethesda Titer
Alternate IDs: 11465/LV8B
Synonyms: 500697
Sparrow LAB4937 Factor X Activity, Clotting
Alternate IDs: 10664/F10AC
Synonyms: Factor X FAC10
Sparrow LAB5763 Factor XI Activity
Alternate IDs: 11512/L1321
Synonyms: 086314;Antihemophilic Factor C; Plasma Thromboplastin Antecedent (PTA)
Sparrow LAB5764 Factor XII Activity
Alternate IDs: 11513/L1322
Synonyms: 086322;Hageman Factor; Surface Factor
Sparrow LAB5107 Factor XIII, Functional
Alternate IDs: 10851/FA13F
Sparrow LAB5606 Fatty Acid Prf.Compreh.C8-C26
Alternate IDs: 11356/LFATA
Synonyms: 873075
Sparrow LAB5737 Fatty Acid Profile
Alternate IDs: 11489/LFATP
Synonyms: 821402;BCFA, VLCFA
Sparrow LAB5553 Fatty Acid Profile, Essential
Alternate IDs: 11307/LFPEG
Synonyms: 821279;Omega fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids
Sparrow LAB5645 Fatty Acids, Free (Nonester)
Alternate IDs: 11397/LFAFR
Synonyms: 081893;Free Fatty Acids; NEFA; Nonesterified Free Fatty Acids
Sparrow LABCORP4818 Fecal Fat, Qualitative Random
Alternate IDs: 10353/LCFQL
Synonyms: 001677
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