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General Information
All tests listed in this website will be done in the hospital laboratory. If you have any questions, contact the lab at 541-677-2389.
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
MMC VAG DNA P Vaginal Pathogens (DNA Probe) 87480  87510  more
MMC VALP Valproic Acid 80164 
MMC VANCO P Vancomycin, Peak 80202 
MMC VANCO R Vancomycin, Random 80202 
MMC VANCO T Vancomycin, Trough 80202 
MMC VBG Venous Blood Gas 82803 
MMC VIT B12 Vitamin B12 82607 
MMC B12+FOLATE Vitamin B12 and Folate 82607  82746 
MMC VIT D HYD Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 82306 


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