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General Information
All tests listed in this website will be done in the hospital laboratory. If you have any questions, contact the lab at 541-677-2389.
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
MMC PTH INTACT Parathyroid Hormone, Intact 83970 
MMC BF PATH REV Path Slide Review, Body Fluid
MMC PH VENOUS pH Blood Venous 82800 
MMC BF PH pH, Body Fluid 83986 
MMC URINE PH pH, Urine 81003 
MMC PHENOBARB Phenobarbital 80184 
MMC PHOS Phosphorus, Blood 84100 
MMC U PHOS 24H Phosphorus, Urine, 24 Hour 84105 
MMC U PHOS RAN Phosphorus, Urine, Random 84105 
MMC PLT COUNT Platelet Count 85049 
MMC PFA Platelet Function Assay 85576 
MMC K Potassium, Blood 84132 
MMC U K 24HR Potassium, Urine, 24 hour 84133 
MMC U K RAN Potassium, Urine, Random 84133 
MMC PAB Prealbumin, Blood 84134 
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