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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
SLH HIV Scrn Rapid HIV Screen
Container: PST
SLH Rap Flu A/B Rapid Influenza A and B Antigen
Container: Swab Mini
SLH Rap Strep Rapid Strep Screen
Container: Swab
SLH RBC Red Cell Count
Container: EDTA
SLH REPP (LC) Respiratory Profile, PCR (LC)
SLH RSV Ag Respiratory Synctial Virus Antigen Detection
Container: SterileCup
SLH Retic Cnt Auto Retic Count Automated
Container: EDTA
SLH T3R (LC) Reverse T3 (LC)
SLH ROTAV (LC) Rotavirus Ag, EIA (LC)
SLH RubIgG (LC) Rubella Abs, IgG (LC)
SLH RBEIgE (LC) Rubeola Ab, IgG (LC)
LABCORP 520091 RAdx5 Profile (RDL)
Container: Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
86200  86431  more
LABCORP 163316 Rash Profile B with reflex to Supplemental HSV-2 Testing
Container: Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Temperature: Refrigerate
86787  86696  more
LABCORP 818987 RBC Band 3 Protein Reduction
Container: Lavender-top (EDTA) tube or green-top (heparin) tube AND a Wright stained slide
Temperature: Refrigerate
LABCORP 006096 Red Blood Cell (RBC) Antigen Typing: k (Cellano)
Container: Lavender-Top (EDTA) tube
Temperature: Specimens should be tested as soon as possible or within 72 hours of collection. Samples that cannot be tested immediately should be stored at 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius. Do NOT freeze red cells.
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