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General Information
Lab Code Test Name CPT4 Code
SLH HPSA (LC) H. pylori Stool Ag, EIA (LC)
SLH HPYG (LC) H. pylori, IgG Abs (LC)
SLH HAPT (LC) Haptoglobin (LC)
SLH HBsAg Scr (LC) HBsAg Screen (LC)
SLH QHBV (LC) HBV Quant PCR Rfx to Genotype (LC)
SLH HCV (LC) HCV Ab w/Rflx to Verification (LC)
SLH HepCFIB (LC) HCV FibroSure (LC)
SLH HCVGEN (LC) HCV Genotyping Non Reflex (LC)
SLH QHCV (LC) HCV RT-PCR, Quant (Non-Graph) (LC)
SLH HMPB (LC) Heavy Metal Blood (LC)
SLH HMPU (LC) Heavy Metal Urine (LC)
SLH Hct Hematocrit
Container: EDTA
SLH Hematocrit RT Hematocrit RT
Container: Syringe
SLH Hgb Hemoglobin
Container: EDTA
SLH H&H Hemoglobin and Hematocrit
Container: EDTA
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